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Find the Dancer Within

Can a person be an artist? People approving my work often say, "I could never do that!" I say, "Yes, you can!" Eight years ago, at some point in a very challenging time in my career in finance (Downsizings, layoffs - let's not talk about it, OK?), my circle sent me to a advancement workshop for female executives. I came out of a chiefly thought-provoking argument group and penned the next very farsighted free verse.

Why Do We Need Creativity?

Creativity is chief to the management of our characteristic lives, but in contemporary times few citizens are able to approach this as a resource. Alan Watts writes in The Wisdom of Insecurity:"We have permitted brain accepted wisdom to build and dominate our lives out of all part to 'instinctual wisdom'; which we are allowing to slump into atrophy.

7 Techniques to Supercharge your Creativeness and Solve your Problems

Do you ever come across problems, challenges or obstacles in your business? If you answered 'no,' then you can stop analysis and carry on to rake in the fate you must be making. For the rest of us, the key of choice is 'yes.

Telling It Like It Is (Or Can Be)

When you hear, "tell me a story," does your mind rapidly go blank? Don't panic. The good news is, you're by now a artless storyteller! Surprised? You shouldn't be.

12 Ways To Boost Your Inspiration At Work

As workplaces carry on to rightsize and downsize, we all find ourselves doing more with less. How do we stay ahead of the workload while staying sane? The key is to put your imagination to work for you so you can do more with less and shine like never before.

Unlock Your Creative Cloak-and-dagger Weapon

It seems like this week a ton of citizens have been asking me how they can become more creative. I even had one client for a laugh accuse me of being in cahoots with the Devil in trade for my creativity.

20 Ways to Keep Your Inscription Inspiration and Creativeness High

When stressed or blocked it is wise to make a alteration so thatwe don't stay in that place. Yet, many times we fail to remember someof the austere clothes that we can do for ourselves, quicklyand by a long way to bring our inspiration back and amplify ourcreativity.

Break An Egg For Creativity

In 1420, the dignitaries of Florence held a competition.They existing the giant prize of 200 gold florins to the designer whose genius could span the unfinished dome of the Florence Cathedral.

Top Ten Ways To Jump-Start Your Creativity

1 - Take A Tour of the Great Outdoors Consider a hike in the mountains, a amble beside the river, a run along the beach, a jog because of the park or a walk about the city.2 - Soak Up Your Surroundings like a New Sponge Open your mind to the mysterious and grasp the a small amount fine points often overlooked in every day life.

Creativity And You

95 percent of what we know about the brain, we have erudite in the last 20 years. So, your beliefs about inspiration were in all probability shaped by faulty information.

Riches Because of Creative Thinking!

When solving troubles after you have exhausted the conventional means of advent up with the solution, think in terms of heretical methods. Vary your belief and try to solve the tribulations by creating amazing entirely new and irrelevant.

3 Adept Creative Strategies!

I've got a admission to make..

Rejuvenate & Re-Fuel Your Inner Drive

I consider that as solo-entrepreneurs, big business owners, and executives we all need a pat on the back. Give manually commendation.

How To Add to Creativity... Set Deadlines!

Deadlines are amazing all of us face from time to time. We face deadlines at whatever time we set even a small goal and commit to accomplish it.

Three Ways Journaling Can Boost Your Inspiration and Your Business

I have a acquaintance who has struggled with her imagination for a long time. She's enormously uncomfortable idea of herself as "creative.

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PINC pushes the bounds of creativity - News  Sarasota Herald-Tribune

PINCPeople. Ideas. Nature. Creativity. Better known as PINC, this unique event, now in its fifth year, brought together 12 global thinkers on our local Sarasota ...

Van Morrison: The Prophet Speaks review – the creativity keeps coming  The Guardian

Releasing four albums of new material in just 15 months would suggest a noteworthy burst of creativity for any artist. For a 73-year-old, it seems even more ...

BPL programs spark 'creativity' ahead of holidays  The Pantagraph

BLOOMINGTON — When Sharon Evans of Bloomington hands out holiday gifts this season, the recipients are going to know that she put in a little of her own ...

Inside Travis Scott's Harvard Talk: 'A Master Class in Creativity'  Complex

Travis Scott visited Harvard for a "Master Class on Creativity" this week. Here's what went down.

Forecast Public Art looks back on 40 years of creativity  MPR News

Decades ago, Jack Becker got an interesting-sounding job at Minneapolis City Hall. The job title was gallery director of city art productions, and it came with a ...

The Problem with Linking Creativity and Mental Illness  Artsy

Is there a link between mental illness and creativity? Psychiatrists say no. But then why does this question still mystify us?

Students Display Innovation, Creativity In Regional Robotics Competition  CBS Denver

This weekend 450 middle and high school students from four states came to Metropolitan State University of Denver for the a regional robotics competition.

Bill O'Brien struggles with creativity Texans' 24-21 loss to Colts  Texans Wire

Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien struggled with being creative with his play-calling versus the Indianapolis Colts Sunday in the 24-21 loss.

Six things you can do right now to spark creativity

When it comes to harnessing your ingenuity, there are a few things you can try to really get the creative juices flowing.

This insurance cert forgery didn't win any prizes for creativity with Kildare Gardai  Leinster Leader

Naas Gardaí seize vehicle from motorist in the Leixlip Co Kildare. Didn't take long to see Insurance disc altered. — An Garda ...

Why it is (almost) impossible to teach creativity  Phys.Org

Industry and educators are agreed: The world needs creativity. There is interest in the field, lots of urging but remarkably little action. Everyone is a bit scared of ...

How to increase creativity and innovation in your team  Fast Company

They might not get it right from the get-go, but you have to be patient and let them make mistakes.

Set the Conditions for Anyone on Your Team to Be Creative Daily

One of the most damaging myths about creativity is that there is a specific “creative personality” that some people have and others don't. Yet in decades of ...

It's a celebration of female creativity | Lifestyles  The Miami Times

The Muses Experience will serve as a “celebration of the supreme power of female creativity” during Art Basel Miami Beach on Saturday.

The Greatest Marketing Intersection is Where Data and Creativity Meet | Sponsored Content  eMarketer

Today about 40% of US marketers said their company's strategy is driven by a mix of both creativity and technology, according to recent research. The Shipyard ...

Technology can be the friend of creativity  Financial Times

Most ideas used to be shut down early, but digitisation allows many to survive.

Going Out: Music and art inspire kids' creativity

Delight in the elegant traditional dancing and attire of southern India as Kalaanjali School of Indian Dance is featured at Kids in the Rotunda in the Overture ...

Detroit Pistons: Lack of creativity on offense falls on players, coaches  PistonPowered

The Detroit Pistons have looked awful on offense in their last two games. That falls on the players and their head coach, Dwane Casey.

Robert Marks: Randomness and the Enigma of Creativity  Discovery Institute

Is there any true randomness in nature? Or are deterministic processes the rule, even down at that quantum level? Over at Mind Matters, Robert Marks examines ...

Dominique Hammons receives award for creativity in clinical supervision  The Appalachian Online

Dominique Hammonds, assistant professor in the Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling, was awarded the 2018 Association for ...

Creativity, straight up or on the rocks  Times Union

Troy. The Arts Center of the Capital Region is launching Art's Bar, a place for drinks in a gallery setting that will be open on the first Thursday of the month and for ...

Christmas tree creativity lights up Port Broughton  The Flinders News

The Port Broughton Christmas tree festival was held last week.

Personal View: Smaller cities can chart path to big-city creativity, growth  Crain's Cleveland Business

With new transportation technology, it is now possible for smaller cities to puff themselves up and obtain the growth and other advantages of a much larger city ...

Vietnamese students with patriotism, creativity and integration  Nhan Dan Online

NDO – The tenth National Congress of the Vietnam Students' Association (VSA) officially opened on December 10, featuring the participation of nearly 700 ...

You can boost your creativity by following these steps

Soft skills such as creativity are only becoming more valuable in the working world as time wears on. Here are ways you can boost your own.

Data and Creativity: Stronger Together  MarTech Series

With unlimited data and tools at our fingertips, we may have, well, lost sight of a fundamental must for online advertisers — creating impactful ads. So, how ...

That Kid's Got Game: Six-year-old junior golfer uses trick shots for creativity, resilience  KTVU San Francisco

(KTVU) - One of the best junior golfers in the world uses jaw-dropping trick shots to help spark innovation and develop resilience. Meanwhile, the majority of the ...

Team decodes the mental key that opens a world of creativity

To perform a song, a dance or write computer code, people call upon the basic elements of their craft and then order and recombine them in creative ways.

More creativity needed to help China’s economic transformation, says premier  South China Morning Post

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday called for more creativity throughout society to ensure the country stayed on the path of technological innovation.

Photos: Gurugram's Bhondsi jail transforms into a centre for creativity  Hindustan Times

Haryana's largest and Gurugram's only prison facility is transforming. The prison, in association with non-government organizations, is running various skill ...

Karl Lagerfeld’s Secrets to Creativity and Productivity  The Wall Street Journal

As the legendary German-born fashion designer touches down in New York City to show Chanel's Métiers d'Art collection, he offers up some characteristically ...

Creativity of Tampa holiday card designers knows no limit  FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay

TAMPA (fOX 13) - It's a tale of a Florida Christmas: A gator in a Santa hat, relaxing on the beach covers the front of a Christmas card designed by Genevieve ...

In creativity we trust: how agencies can win against consultancies  The Drum

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries receives cult-like devotion in Silicon Valley and it's easy to see why. The book offers a simple three-step process to creating ...

Build Confidence And Boost Your Creativity  Investor's Business Daily

Here are ways for shy creative types to build confidence in their ideas so that they can promote their innovations effectively.

Strokes of Creativity | Local Business  Northern Virginia Daily

FRONT ROYAL - Everything fell into place for Teresa Henry, owner of Strokes of Creativity, when space became available that would allow her to house a home ...

Harvard's Derek Miller explains how copyright affects creativity  Harvard Gazette

Derek Miller is the John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Humanities in the English Department, where he studies links among the performing arts, economics, ...

Ceramic gnome named Taquito brings community, creativity to UT sports clubs  UT The Daily Texan

No one would expect a ceramic gnome named Taquito to bring so much joy to UT sports clubs until the day Taquito left the University Co-op to join a family of ...

BHS students creativity opens Harvard science symposium  Barnstable Patriot

Three Barnstable High School students, whose collaborative project was featured at Harvard's 2018 Radcliffe Institute science symposium, impressed ...

Jets continue to lack creativity on offense  FanSided

As the season is just a few weeks away from finally ending, the New York Jets continue to lack and all creativity when it comes to their offense.

Experts debate if too much data is killing creativity  Best Media Info

Data is revolutionising the field of advertising and marketing but is creativity suffering in this race to know one's consumers better? Industry veterans discuss at ...

Creativity From Confinement art show sparks conversation about prison reform  KSFY

Creativity From Confinement is a collection of arts by South Dakota prison inmates. "This is an inmate art show that is here to really catalyze a conversation ...

Apple's new holiday ad wants you to share your creativity with the world  Fast Company

A heartwarming animated look at overcoming creative imposter syndrome.

Gardening with Allen Wilson: Health, creativity are gardeners' reward  The Columbian

With so many other entertainment and recreation opportunities available, why do so many people choose to spend time gardening?

These 5 questions kill creativity  Fast Company

If you find you're asking yourself any of them, just stop.

'Skins put creativity into their cleats ahead of Sunday

The Washington Redskins are participating in the NFL's My Cause My Cleats campaign on Sunday. Julie Donaldson has more from Redskins Park.

From the Porch Steps: Creativity or stupidity? - News  Daily Commercial

A young welder from China who builds useless inventions is all over the internet. His name is Cheng Shuai. His latest invention is a porta potty for a motorcycle.

Suresh Prabhu links creativity & business opportunities to cheap beverages in Goa  The Financial Express

Union minister Suresh Prabhu has sought to link the availability of cheap beverages in Goa with "creativity and business opportunities", a remark the Congress ...

Travis Scott: Harvard students praise rapper for master class on creativity  TheGrio

One day after Travis Scott led a master class on creativity at Harvard, the Houston-born rapper tweeted that he would be officially applying to the Ivy League ...

Black heritage museum, ‘crucible of creativity’, opens in Dakar  Capital FM Kenya

A museum showcasing black heritage from the dawn of time to the modern era opened in the Senegalese capital Dakar on Thursday. The opening came as ...

Bayville Womans Creativity Wins $10K In Kia Ad Contest  Berkeley, NJ Patch

Bayville Woman's Creativity Wins $10K For Kia Ad - Berkeley, NJ - Courtney Bott's ad for the new Kia Stinger won her tuition money and a trip to Cannes Lions ...

Focusing on presence in the moment of creativity on Dec. 8  Idyllwild Town Cier

The art studio is a “sacred space where transformation happens” for David Reid-Marr, chair of Idyllwild Arts Academy's Visual Arts Department. The commitment ...

Teachers seeking creativity in lessons often stir up controversy  Atlanta Journal Constitution

There's a fine line between taking lessons “out of the box” and going outside acceptable parameters. While administrators praise educators for finding innovative ...

Nurturing creativity and community through art  Times Union

Ghent. An offer from a generous donor to the Art School of Columbia County came with a caveat. Recommended Video. Created with Sketch. Your Browser Is ...

Creativity, content and media – the next era  The Drum

Operating at the intersection of tech, data, creativity and *content* is the common claim of many new agency brand mergers and groups.

Local Arts Organizations Provide Creativity And Connection For Those Living With Autism  Aspen Public Radio

As more children are diagnosed with autism nationwide, one sector working to respond is the arts community. Here in the Roaring Fork Valley, Ascendigo.

Esperanza Art Show shows off members' creativity  WLS-TV

For nearly 50 years, Esperanza has helped adults and children with disabilities live full, independent lives.

New Study Shows Link Between Psychopathy and Creativity  Edgy Labs

Although creative people are often viewed as more emotional and empathetic new research shows that there may be a link between psychopathy and creativity.

Self-care is slippery, confusing and necessary for creativity  Campaign US

Earlier this month, I spoke about self-care at the 3% Conference. While the crowd was mixed, the talk was aimed at emerging creatives — those with less than ...

Libertine founder Johnson Hartig finds creativity in the quirky  Houston Chronicle

Hartig launched the quirky Los Angeles-based fashion brand in 2001. His ready-to-wear collections are bight, creative, crazy and fun, mixing art and graphics ...

AlphaZero AI Program's Creativity, Intuition Reaches 'Turning Point'  Newsmax

AlphaZero AI Program's Creativity and Intuition Reaches Historical 'Turning Point'

3 creativity hacks for busy entrepreneurs

D.C. entrepreneur and author of Rethink Creativity Monica Kang offers tips on developing the habits that can make room for new ideas. 3 creativity hacks for ...

Disorganize to increase your creativity  MultiBriefs Exclusive

Increasingly in this century, researchers and business analysts are paying attention to what increases creativity. What are the approaches and habits you can ...

Everton's creativity issues laid bare - and the effect it is having on Marco Silva's side  Liverpool Echo

The Blues have struggled to score goals in the last four matches in particular.

Sandburg cuts ribbon on space that combines technology and creativity  WGIL Radio News

Carl Sandburg College students have a new place they can go on campus to unleash their creativity. The Galesburg Area Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon ...

Crafty Peninsula couple offers creativity | Life  Chinook Observer

SURFSIDE — Robert and Cindi Leamy are crafty people. The couple is celebrating the first anniversary of opening their crafts store at 31605 I St. in Surfside.


It is now the case that every time an art gallery happens, it encourages attendants to post their comments about the event using a hashtag on Twitter or ...

Black heritage museum: 'crucible of creativity'  Shine News

A museum showcasing black heritage from the dawn of time to the modern era opened in the Senegalese.

Marijuana and Creativity  The Delta Discovery

by Dr. Lorin Bradbury Question: I have friends who have almost convinced me that there are many benefits, besides pleasure, in using marijuana. One of the ...

The Future Of Performance Management: A Redesign Leading To Creativity, Resilience And Collaboration  Forbes

The performance management process is a trial for many individuals and organizations because it continuously proves to be inconsistent and ineffective. What if ...

Creativity draws Logan to community leadership, empower  Charlotte Post

Social change, mentoring and art drew Jonell Logan to the League of Creative Interventionists. Logan's role as executive director of San Francisco-based LCI ...

What’s happened to Hollywood’s creativity?  The Australian

This Christmas, Hollywood is pinning its hopes on Mary Poppins Returns, a lavish reboot of a film made when Lyndon B Johnson was president. Its the latest ...

Shump Talks with Men's Journal About Fitness, Creativity | Sacramento Kings

Iman Shumpert is a man of many talents. When he's not grinding on the hardwoood, he's putting in work in the studio or expanding his brand to new levels.

and Target Celebrate West Coast Creativity | News & Analysis | BoF  The Business of Fashion

LOS ANGELES, United States — “One of the things that I've witnessed in fashion over the past couple of years is that we've become a community led by values,” ...

Show off your creativity with these fun hands-on holiday activities  The Washington Post

The holidays offer many look-but-don't-touch experiences. But you might be looking for some hands-on holiday fun. We've got you covered with several activities ...

Want To Nurture Creativity Within Your Company? Eliminate Bureaucracy  Forbes

Some of the biggest companies actively foster creativity in their workplace. Facebook and Google offer perks like game rooms, free food, and even services such ...

UO team decodes the mental key that opens a world of creativity  AroundtheO

To perform a song, a dance or write computer code, people call upon the basic elements of their craft and then order and recombine them in creative ways.

Creativity sets foundation as Toledo School for the Arts turns 20  Toledo Blade

An extremely large diorama of the fjords in Norway, created from papier-mache and chicken wire with details highlighted in paint, sits in Kris Parker's ...

Gimmie disruption: Chobani brings fun and creativity to new kids' yogurt line  Food Dive

Chobani upended the sleepy yogurt space a decade ago by introducing the now popular Greek variety to the American palate. Greek yogurt quickly turned the ...

Our View: Creativity needed to preserve corn cob water tower

Admit it: One of the first sites you take visiting friends and relatives to see in Rochester is the distinctive ear of corn water tower.

Keepin' Love Alive: The Power of Creativity  Scottsbluff Star Herald

My family and I spent Thanksgiving in Texas. We enjoyed deep sea fishing, time on the beach, a beautiful lake house, great food and family time.

Vitality Arts Event Celebrates Creativity  Next Avenue

The Vitality Arts workshops encouraged older adults to step outside their comfort zones.

MERIT program at KCI: Improving education through technology, creativity  Los Altos Town Crier

The MERIT (Making Education Relevant and Interactive through Technology) program is the Krause Center for Innovation's premier technology-focused ...

McCombs students need to pursue creativity, think outside the box  UT The Daily Texan

Columnist Arushi Mathavan urges McCombs students to pursue creative based electives in the interest of their future careers.

Unleash your creativity at Tuesday hand-drumming sessions  Pagosa Springs Sun

By Paul Roberts Special to The PREVIEW Join musician and music therapist Paul Roberts for a free hand-drumming class at the Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse on ...

The Best Tool for Creativity on Your iPhone Might Just Be the Notes App  Vulture

A Q&A with Chris Ritter, an artist who uses the Notes app to sketch.

GOJEK ECD VJ Anand: 'The next level of creativity is with the tech guys'  Marketing Interactive

Creativity is using one's imagination to produce an idea that is original. While it is possible for everyone to be a creative in their own aspect, “the next level of ...

Can artificial intelligence ever replace human creativity?  The Drum

In March 2017, Mariano Bosaz, global senior digital director of Coca Cola, made an earth-shattering announcement. For the first time, the Fortune 500 company ...

Basket Artist Weaves With Creativity And Inspiration  KEYC

MORGAN, MN - Trisch Beilke had several creative outlets, from sewing to drawing and painting, but it was weaving baskets that really resonated with her.

Creativity and business find their happy medium - San Francisco Business Times  San Francisco Business Times

Talent and resources of Bullseye Glass find a home in Emeryville arts community.

Ohio State has creativity and surprise, what Michigan football lacks  Detroit Free Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio — One play illustrates why Ohio State has owned Michigan football. This play was full of creativity and surprise, something the Wolverines ...

How AI is bridging the gap between creativity and data  The Drum

With half of all marketing budgets expected to be allocated to online channels by 2020, we have more data at our fingertips to power decision-making than ever ...


Entrepreneurship and creativity go hand in hand. For an entrepreneur, creativity is the key to producing new ideas and processes.Creativity isn't just about.

Homeless, struggling artists find hope in creativity  UT The Daily Texan

The Art From the Streets showcase, an annual art sale featuring “homeless and struggling” artists. Artists speak about their experience working in the showcase.

This App Uses Music to Bolster Focus and Creativity  Interesting Engineering

iAwake's unique audio tracks are designed to entrain our brains and our nervous systems by combining binaural beats technology with innovations based on ...

Finding Your Muse: 12 Ways To Inspire Creativity For Marketing Professionals  Forbes

Every marketing professional needs reliable ways to tap into their creativity. Members of Forbes Agency Council share their tips for tuning into their personal ...

Dr. Charles Limb explores how creativity affects the brain  Little Village

You can think of an experiment like a song — made up of many moving parts, but structured; sometimes very repetitive. Each little piece has to come together to ...

Creativity displayed at Stuhr's Fantasy of Trees | Local News  Grand Island Independent

These Christmas trees are decked out in more than just the regular tinsel and lights.

Holiday Window Walk showcases local businesses, creativity  Curbed Detroit

Eight businesses in Midtown and Capitol Park were paired with designers for festive window displays.

West Fest features two full days of art, music and creativity in Orlando  Orlando Weekly

West Fest packs two full days of art, music and creativity into a small corner of Orlando. Located in the city's newest art hub, the event features street graffiti and ...

Creativity arrives with DeLand Fall Festival of the Arts  Daytona Beach News-Journal

Carly Gibran's inspiration comes from barnacles, broken shells, and sometimes, a downed limb in her back yard."That branch out there that came down has this ...

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