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Can anybody be an artist?

People approving my work often say, "I could never do that!" I say, "Yes, you can!"

Eight years ago, all through a very awkward time in my career in finance (Downsizings, layoffs - let's not talk about it, OK?), my circle sent me to a advancement workshop for female executives.

I came out of a acutely thought-provoking argument group and penned the next very predictive free verse.

Clothes They Said

Mimi said, "Why don't you paint again?"
I said, "There's no time. I crunch records now. "

Carole said, "You can do it!"
I said, "No. I don't think so. "

Cheryl said, "You have an artiste within. Reach down. Bring it out. "
I said, "My records ? they pay the bills.
Though, God knows, they don't feed the soul anymore!"

Martha said, "There's a asset in you. "
I asked, "They why do I feel so weak, so beaten?"

Bob said, "Reach for the sky. Be your mother's daughter.
Write poetry. I don't know the fulfil lies within. "
I reached. I created. I wrote. I discovered.

The gear came together.
I blueprint tee-shirts now.
On a glorious sunny beach.
I write my musings in between.
And share them with other artists
--- like me.

I didn't especially dwell on these opinion at the time since I ended up charming early retirement and had no meaning of going back to work. "Threads They Said" got filed away with my other work files. I only unearthed it in recent times and was stunned to apprehend how it all has come true. But we don't live on a glorious sunny beach, we live on a mountainside overlooking a charming lake - close an adequate amount of for me! And now you are some of the other artists I share my musings with!

I consider anybody with a creative eye can be an artist. If you know what you like when you see it, you can be an artist. If you know what a big shot else will like, you can be a ad artist. You only need to find your form or craft.

To find the artistic attitude inside you:

1. Think about your abilities, not your dis-abilities; what you can do, not what you can't. Maybe you're good with the computer. Think detailed arts. Maybe you wield a mean needle. Think of doable sewn items to which you can add artistic touches. Today with the endless contribute of craft resources and kits to get you started, there's amazing for each - or I be supposed to say - a little for every artist.

2. Clarify your bliss. I once read that if a woman thinks back to what she most enjoyed when she was connecting 8 and 11, she can ascertain her bliss. For men, it's connecting 10 and 14. They mature later, you know - some women would say never. If, at that age, you were constantly construction "stuff" (doesn't affair what) and loved having your own crayons (that no one else was permissible - under penalty of death - to touch) and maybe your own set of dyed pencils, art and crafting could be your bliss. If you took distinct joy in essentially producing amazing - an end effect - considerably than just messing with all those neat (or ought to I say, messy) paints, you approximately emphatically have an actor within.

3. Browse a local crafts superstore or Internet crafting sites (please start by browsing about TheArtfulCrafter. com!). Go up and down the aisles, whether virtual or real, and see what appeals to you. Asset a few kits. [Aside: If you be going to to sell what you make from the get-go, be sure to care about what will also allure to your forthcoming customers. ]

4. Don't be frightened to try a little new. To me, a sub-definition of actor is "someone who is continually demanding a little new" - new techniques, new media. You have ittle to lose - the cost of a kit or a few tubes of paint - and very much to gain!

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by Eileen Bergen
The Deceitful Crafter
www. theartfulcrafter. com


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