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In connecting luck & attempt - inspiration


I have one magical thought, lets see it more closely. Just look about & try to find out peoples who are successful, in sense of reality, with no efforts. You will find none.

Now look about again & try to explore the peoples who are booming by morality of their efforts, and this you will find many.

Their distinctive labors have definitely taken them ahead, may be in irregular degree.

People who consider only in luck shall be able to see opportunities in the mirrors.

People believing in labors creates opportunities irrespective of circumstances, beneficial or adverse to make a real conjure up / image. Luck is an anonymous fruit which will we recieve unexpectedely after beefy efforts.

So in concerning luck and pains you must focus on the pains most of the time.

I focus to my energy to get what I want; I know pains is the right way, Luck wonders about the right way.

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Nilesh B Gore
Graphologist(Handwriting Analyst) & SW. Eng.

Email : ng411002@rediffmail. com

Web : http://www. brendynamics. com/gr

Country: India, Ms

Copyrights: Nilesh B Gore.


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