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Gift of a epistle - creativeness


"What cannot correspondence inspire? They have souls; they can speak; they have in them all that force which expresses the transports of the heart; they have all the fire of our passions. " Communication from Heloise to Abelard (from Gift of a Communication by Alexandra Stoddard)

Just chronic from the Countrywide Stationery Show in New York City, I was struck by the brisk "forward motion" of the thousands of vendors still enthusiastic about the power of the hand-written note. Artists conceitedly displayed their watercolors on letterhead, invitations and place cards; sales reps celebrated the creative spark of polka-dotted and beribboned stationery; and entrepreneurs remained full of hope that the power of the hand-written word might go past the power of email. They all came out in full-force and crowded the aisles of the Javits Base in city center Manhattan for the four-day event.

I walked for six above-board hours, on a own mission to nail down a packaging supplier for a new artifact I'll be launching this fall. Perusing the aisles and booths of the leading inhabitant trade show for the stationery and paper goods market, I came away with a few creative strategies for ROCKET MOMS everywhere:

1) Bring to the fore your deskwork from boring to brilliant. Many of the near-daily tasks we are essential to act upon at our kitchen desks involve mundane and repetitive routines: paying bills; reconciling the checkbook; industry with checkup statements (ugh!); RSVP-ing to common invitations; and copy quick notes to teachers, carpool moms, coaches, etc. This stuff can bog you down. . . especially if you are a fun, cheerful personality type who holds all-purpose derision for all effects administrative. Take heart! There are factually thousands of colorful, creative documents on the marketplace today, benevolent you a countless of options from which to choose. Run to your adjacent stationer to advance this arena to one of artistic brilliance. One of the simplest strategies for ROCKET MOMS is transform the mundane, everyday realities of motherliness into decidedly creative endeavors. This area is no exception. Decide beautifully intended documents to answer to invitations; bring round desired photos to stamps (check out www. stamps. com); invest in a amazing seal as well as some interesting sealing waxes. . . and you will find physically comprehensively enjoying the earlier dreary, dull task of paperwork. Make physically a cup of organic coffee, turn on the stereo and deal with this everyday actuality with an artistic twist.

2) Start a stationery wardrobe. Keep your eyes peeled for gorgeous papers, envelopes, stamps, seals, waxes, and labels. Have you seen the newest way of delivering sealing wax? It comes in "glue stick" form, ready to load into your low heat glue gun. It evenly distributes the hot wax to your envelopes, ready for stamping with your desired seal. Watch for beautifully packaged gift corral cards, copy papers, and cards. Keep a birthday and anniversary journal near this stash so that you will develop bring to mind all-important dates of those in your crowd of love.

3) Amass cute storeroom containers. Delightful options abound! Be they beribboned baskets or little cases or papered boxes: all at hand breathtaking options for land all of these fine id and accoutrements. Ceremony them in full view so that you will linger inspired to delve into them frequently, pulling out your favorites and conveyance them for all assorted occasions.

4) Commit to contagious up on printed correspondence one day a week. I confess to being hopelessly behind. . . but I also admit to at all times frustrating to do better. Can you befit convicted to copy at least one delicate communication on your "correspondence day"? With pen in hand--filled with a beautifully painted ink (hot pink? lime green? brainy blue? purple?)--write a note of gratitude or a note of condolence; answer to an forthcoming collective event; or cleanly reorder your children's commotion calendar into your Filofax. Try to stay on top of these equipment as they have a way of abruptly receiving out of control, leave-taking you ambiance guilty for being hopelessly late, as well as ambiance terribly irresponsible for gone critical deadlines.

5) Add to a letter-writing renaissance. Email has its purpose, to be sure. Few of us could live not including it. Yet who could argue that a hand-written communication has connotation beyond what any words electronically transmitted could perhaps convey? It is the hand-written notes which I chiefly cherish and save. I keep a file into which each and every one of them falls. Email may, in the end, prevail, but I am hopeful that, like the thousands of vendors with whom I came in touch today in New York, the hand-written epistle will linger a most valued gift from the heart.

Carolina Fernandez earned an M. B. A. and worked at IBM and as a adviser at Merrill Lynch ahead of appearance home to work as a wife and protect of four. She entirely re-invented herself along the way. Brawny convictions were born about the role of the arts in child development; homeschooling for ten years provided fecund soil for devising creative parenting strategies. These are played out in ROCKET MOM! 7 Strategies To Blast You Into Brilliance. It is accessible on Amazon. com, in bookstores everywhere, or by passion 888-476-2493. She writes extensively for a category of parenting funds and teaches other moms via parenting course and radio and TV interviews. Desire visit http://www. rocketmom. com to subscribe to her free ezine and get a weekly shot of inspiration.


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