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Creativity is the gift to mankind. This is not the thing which can be formed by human beings.

In the every day life we see a lot of equipment like computer, calculators, abacus etc. After the sight of which we think that these are develop than the Human mind.

But fact is different. Computers have no capability to think and coin on their own.

Am I right or not? What do you think about this?

Thinking, creativity, feelings and many belongings which laptop is short of at this time. There are many man made belongings which works change for the better than human body and mind. But they can not take the place of human being. You can not change a human body with a cpu after the body dies. But you can put back mainframe from a laptop even beat in some respects. Computers can not make the human minds better.

Now close your eyes for five log and think as in black and white below:

You are on a most delightful hill with grass all over and plant life of romantic pink ensign allotment here and there. You are under your own steam on a definite path. It starts raining.

You are ambiance the drops of rain on your head, your face, your whole body. And you are chatting with a big shot you love the most i. e. , you are on a romantic getaway.

It is sure that after belief this you are air good.

Can computers do this? They do not have emotions. They do not have imaginations.

They are just like our slaves. Computers are essentially poor. Despite the fact that they are best of the construction of human being. But human beings are change for the better than computers as ALLAH has formed human being and insignificant person is change for the better initiator than ALLAH.

Creativity is only bestowed to humans. And wise peoples do not stop thinking. Whether they are meeting or standing. They think every time about the earth and heavens and the belongings among them. And at last they say, " My Lord! you have not produced something purposeless. You are great!".

Usman Zafar Paracha
Student of B-Pharmacy, Final Proff.
http://www. zafarparacha. netfirms. com


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