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I accept as true that as solo-entrepreneurs, affair owners, and executives we all need a pat on the back. Give manually commendation. Why? Since we have the courage to step exterior of the corporate box and start our own businesses, be our own boss and take on the challenge and responsibilities necessary for this adventure. In order to even contemplate that step we must have had a vision, a dream and a passion to bring it to fruition. So commit yourself.

Now, we're in business. We've been functioning our hardly brains out. We are dyed-in-the-wool to construction our dream come true. But some time has agreed and we may have exhausted ourselves of ideas, that passion that once used to drive us is departure and our never finale "to do list" is consuming our dreams.

Do not be discouraged, we only need to refuel. Consider the never conclusion stair master at the gym. I know we all dread that machine, since it seems like you just keep climbing and there is no landing. But each step is a auxiliary progression. Each step brings us to a senior level. Conceivably by comprehension these strategies we can restock our passion and reinvigorate our inner drive. So let's focus on a few ideas that I have found to be helpful.

1) Narrow Your Niche I know that as a woman, mother, wife, housekeeper, and a chef, solo-entrepreneur and so on, I tend to think that I can carry it all. Maybe not with grace, but I can accomplish a lot. I am a multi-tasker. We believe that if we can do so in our individual lives, the same ought to be true in our expert lives. No doubt, we can cope a lot. And as solo-entrepreneurs there are a lot of hats to wear. Affair owners are in advertising, marketing, accounting, and so on. But when it comes to the army we offer we must be concerned about "narrowing our niche".

We may be more capable in a actual area of our practice. By honing in on our skills in that area, we are creating a competitive edge, an area of expertise. You can attitude by hand as a boss in your own industry. Conflicting to appropriate in with a thousand of professionals contribution the same service, we are now exposed to clientele as specializing in a a few skill. We can also allure more distinctively to a "target market".

2) Partnerships and Alliances Wouldn't you agree that we all need support? We need confirmation that we are bearing in the right direction, a reserve for assistance, or an decent estimation when we need advice. That's why it is basic to group ourselves all together with a assortment of folks who are enlisted contained by a alike profession. It also increases our certified arrival to clients when we can refer them to an assistant of ours who specializes in a exact area of expertise. (Hence the import of "narrowing your niche"). There are many associations and links obtainable to aid us in our endeavors. So make the associates desirable and integrate by hand with a partner or an alliance and unite as one with a assist system. (E. g. be converted into more concerned with the commune at www. solo-e. com/community/ where you will associate with folks who are appearance as one to help you acquaint with manually with the income you need).

3) Maintaining Passion The word passion is described as: "enthusiasm, excitement, aspiration for a distinct activity, or care to a cause". How do we argue that enthusiastic approach? Focus on your core message. This is the inmost substance of your business. Maybe our big business is a consulting firm. Why not focus on and think about how you are empowering other others to accomplish all that is desirable of them by assisting them with your army and/or your products.

Try focusing on the idea that you are communicating to others and try to incorporate that in your everyday duties. For instance, the core idea of my circle is growth. Not only not public growth, but affair augmentation and portion other businesses grow, expand, and develop. I try to allow clients to see the characteristic of my alarm and I enjoy the break I have to help them. When they befit more productive and augment profits, I charity performance too! My motto is "If you grow - I grow!"

Another way to argue your passion is to find similarities in your own principles and your business. All of us have a a variety of moral code. We all have belongings that are of exact magnitude to us and if we go with that correlation among our work ethic and our individual ethics we will be passionate about what we do. Most of us be grateful for authenticity from our family, links and associates; by shimmering the same genuineness to others we are highlighting its import to us. Having management with our delicate and affair ideals will bring about passion, thus selection us to enjoy the capitalist experience.

From my affair to yours, I wish you much achievement and delight in your journey.

Copyright, 2004, Amy Ewart


Amy Ewart, Leader of Office Solutions and Team Component of Solo-E (http://www. Solo-E. com), operates as a virtual governor from her home agency in Brampton, Ontario. She grants her clients the time to augment their client base and revenue aptitude by management their administrative tasks while they carry development strategies and networking. Her clients are allotment crosswise Canada and the U. S. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, inscription and before a live audience with her kids. She feels in large quantities blessed to love what she does and be obtainable for her two brood and husband. To gain more free time and augment your billable hours visit http://www. secretarialsolutions. ca today. ____________________________________________

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