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Brainstorming for practical purposes - creativeness


BRAINSTORMING: The basic tool used in generating many likely solutions to a badly behaved is brainstorming. To use the brainstorming course of action in actual fact requires subsequent a prescribed set of rules very closely. These rules are: 1. No affirmative or depressing commentary are acceptable at some point in the brainstorming phase. 2. Categorical or destructive non-verbal evaluations are depressed as well. 3. A group affiliate may ask for clarification if the associate does not be au fait with a given suggestion, but it is critical to avoid any questions that are going to to "how" or "why" of the idea. In other words, the character suggestive of a answer is not to be asked to defend the idea! 4. "Far out" or entertaining suggestions are encouraged. Laughter can serve as a good announce and help colonize relax. A seemingly wild or droll hint is scheduled with the more considerable ideas for group consideration, except the "author" of the idea distinctively asks that it be withheld. At times a wild idea can be distorted or built upon for creative applied solutions. The idea here is to relax and let the ideas flow. 5. Egg on group members to engender solutions that are based upon altering ideas before now presented, (e. g. , reversing, expanding, limiting). 6. Association ideas that seem to compliment each other.

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