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With news about Iraq and London and even our own area disasters, we need amazing to advance us to keep going. While browsing the net the other day I came upon the most brilliant way of preserving my HOPE. Hope is not dead, no in fact it is alive and well in each of us!!!! We just need to bring it our!!! Share with me in this discovery today.

You have most liable heard of Scrapbooks or photo remembrance albums-- Creative Memories being the most famed that comes to my mind. These are memories of our happy times with children and friends. A loving treasure that if a fire were to occur, we'd most liable decide on these above all else.

What did I find? A FaithBook. This is comparable to the above but as a substitute of tracking your category and acquaintances memories, you will be tracking GOD. Yes, you read that right. You will now be tracking your prayers, your desired hymns, your life journey, and just about something else associated to GOD.

This journey is a very helpful one, as it certainly gets to the core of what you believe, what you think you believe, and who you are and who you think you are. The truth all comes out in black and white, or color if you so choose.

I read an commentary about this lovely thing called Reimbursement of FaithBooks by Rhonda Anderson. This explains the how to's and why's of this process. You can find the absolute condition by unification http://groups. yahoo. com/group/faithbooks/.

My "Faithbook" is just a basic Pad from Staples. It has a top blank part to put a consider or poem and a floor part to write notes and such. This has actually been a great announce for my troublesome soul. I also enjoy the ingenuity of this development as I get to delve into all sorts of artistic adventures.

I can't wait until I have a whole stack of them to pass down to my offspring and grandchildren. This will not only be a bequest of our faith, but of me and my development as a woman of faith. Life is tough, YES, but with God all equipment are possible!!! I certainly hope this comes diagonally in these assets I am creating for my boys.

I sure hope I introduced you to yet a new way to care for your category history/faith in an enjoyable and artistic way. For more in a row on FaithBooks choose visit the capital below:

1. Christian Journali -
http://members. truepath. com/christianjournaling/

2. Spiritual Journals -
http://www. potters-workshops. com/spirit-journals. pdf

3. Walking with Wisdom -
http://www. walkingwithwisdom. com/seeds. html

Sara Duggan is mom to 2 exquisite boys and wife to her best friend. She and her children live in California where she spends her days writing, crocheting, and in succession the ancestors business. For more in sequence visit her site for Moms at http://mommie-care. com

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