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Make physically creative: two easy idea-generating methods - creativeness


Here are a fasten of exercises to force physically to come up with some brand new ideas. These methods can be used to give your commerce an edge, to overcome creative blocks, or just for fun - to prove to physically that you can have some great ideas.

Method 1: "It's X meets Y"

Many movie critics use the "It's X meets Y" formula to help them briefly and accurately explain what a movie is all about. For example, the film Open Water was described by one critic as "It's Jaws meets Blair Witch". Anybody can now guess that the film involves sharks (or other water-dwelling monsters), and is a horror film filmed in a realistic way.

You can also use this formula to coin brand new products, which can be by a long way tacit by the ability market.

Choose 2 food from your commerce (or elect 2 at random), with atypical skin and audiences. Association the two and be concerned about the result. This is your brand new product. Do this a few times to construct 5 assorted new foodstuffs and then evaluate them to see which to go with. For exemplar "It's Pop Tarts meets AllBran" could give you the idea to make a toastable breakfast healthiness snack, or mini-Poptarts that you pour into a bowl and eat as a cereal.

Funnily enough, this approach works exceedingly well with new movie-script ideas.

Method 2: "Redesign This"

This logic allows a artifact to be residential very quickly. Consider an free everyday item and convalesce it. Write down the item's main critical skin texture - no more than the essentials. Then write down all the extra skin you would for my part like to see in the complete account of this item. Then sketch out some ideas which have all the skin you have despite the fact that of.

If we care about a Kettle, what basics skin does it need? The capability to heat liquid, to be safe, easy to pour, easy to fill. If we think of it like this we could aim a kettle that can have adaptable settings for atypical liquids - one to boil water, one to heat baby's milk, one to make hot chocolate (though it would have to be easy to clean!). Or we could make a more established style kettle, but with an extra wide spout to allow it to be full exclusive of having to delete the lid.

These new ideas arrive on the scene only when we strip an item down to its answer fundamentals and start again from scratch.

Is your commerce as under attack as it could be, or are you given that discarded features? Could you bring out some new redesigned crop to complement offered ones?

It is very enjoyable to better an old classic.

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